Bridging The Future – Chennai Metro Rail Project

I have a relatively long commute – 1.5 hours one-way – from home to the office everyday. One of the small things I enjoy in the car is to see the progress of the construction sites along the way.

An array of massive concrete columns is being stood up on the median of the road. Blocks of gigantic concrete plate are lifted and placed on top of the columns, making a long rail bed connecting the Chennai International Airport to the center of the city. I like to see its advancement bridging one column to another. City’s transportation system will drastically improve once completed by 2013 – if I believe the current project plan.

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Solar Eclipse Time Travel

The past Monday was a big day in Japan. Sunglasses were sold out everywhere and people on the street were nervously looking up the cloudy morning sky. It was great news that the cloud didn’t ruin this once-in-the-lifetime astronomical show – the annular solar eclipse. When I woke up here in Chennai, where the eclipse ended before the sun rise, my Facebook was filled with many beautiful pictures from Japan.

This ‘annular solar eclipse of 2012’ had a special meaning for the Japanese at their 30’s and 40’s. There was a popular song in 1990 by a Japanese-pops group ‘Dreams Come True,’ titled ‘Time Travel.’

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‘I Have a Dream (Inspiring Indian Entrepreneurs)’ by Rashmi Bansal

Although I purchased this book ‘I Have a Dream‘ by Rashmi Bansal on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, this book is nothing to do with the civil rights movement in America. I found this book piled up at the business section of a local bookstore in Chennai, next to a book about Infosys. This is a book about the Indians who pursued their dream and, after years of hard work, achieved it. This is a book about Indian Dream.

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‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson

I guess I’ve missed the hype, but finally I finished this world-wide bestseller ‘Steve Jobs‘ by Walter Isaacson. Actually I had already added this book to the shopping list of my Amazon account, when the sad news spread all over the world on October 5, 2011. My slow reading took almost three months to finish this 600+ page biography. Since most of the readers of this blog should have already known his charismatic yet eccentric personality as well as the ‘dent’ he made in the universe, I won’t comment on his leadership or achievements. Rather, I will pick up the three cultural influences in his early life – Yogi, Ashram, and 1984.

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