Mosquito and Golden Rooster

As the amount of rain increases, so does the count of sleepless nights. Last night, I was woken up three times by a tiny blood-sucker. I burned a mosquito coil for hours before sleep, but it did not seem to discourage mosquitoes from attacking me. I don’t like to put on mosquito repellant although I know good repellant products like DEET are very effective. Lying down in the bedroom smelling smoke, now I dream of mosquito-free night.

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Monsoon in the Afternoon

In India, the monsoon season begins from the West. After a couple of summer months with no rain, now the temperature in Chennai is cooling down (relatively, to the 90s F.) It has been some rains, too. It is still months away from the monsoon here, but the west side of India, like Goa and Kerala, may have been in the season already. Eventually the monsoon crosses Indian subcontinent and reaches to the Bay of Bengal, bringing Chennai more rain and some other stuff.

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