Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?

A fellow blogger, Jean gave me a comment on the past entry ‘Diversity vs Divercity‘:

Honest, I wouldn’t want to be a university-educated Japanese woman if she would like to seriously apply her education in a full-time career that relates to her education and remain in Japan. I have read enough that there are serious barriers for Japanese women even now in the 21st century to rise through the management ranks in Japan.

So here is my thoughts about the point.

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Diversity vs. Divercity

It’s not a typo. At the waterfront of Tokyo, there is a newly developed commercial complex called DiverCity Tokyo Plaza. The tag line, according to the developer, is ‘Tokyo Trend Revue, where entertainment, shopping, playing and dinning all come together’ or some like that. They have Old Navy, H&M, Coach, Zara, UNIQLO, etc. Well, in short, it’s just another shopping mall. Nothing diverse in its concept.

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