Bridging The Past – 50 Years Old Legacy

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an entry ‘Bridging The Future – Chennai Metro Rail Project,’ trying to illustrate how large-scale construction projects build the foundation of the countries on the growth stage. Isn’t it great to have modern infrastructure made of steel and concrete, which also provides more work to the local economy?

Then, a few days ago, I found an article on the Japanese news site saying that Tokyo Metro Expressway needs $12B to repair its old bridges. Oops.

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Bridging The Future – Chennai Metro Rail Project

I have a relatively long commute – 1.5 hours one-way – from home to the office everyday. One of the small things I enjoy in the car is to see the progress of the construction sites along the way.

An array of massive concrete columns is being stood up on the median of the road. Blocks of gigantic concrete plate are lifted and placed on top of the columns, making a long rail bed connecting the Chennai International Airport to the center of the city. I like to see its advancement bridging one column to another. City’s transportation system will drastically improve once completed by 2013 – if I believe the current project plan.

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