Dear readers:


I’m Shinobu Kato, Information Systems (IS) Management professional, seeking for an adventurous life as a global journey. This blog is a record of my voyage around the flattening world.


My professional career started from Tokyo, Japan, my hometown, where I decided to set a sail on a voyage to see the world.

Currently I am on a foreign assignment at a Renault-Nissan joint venture company in Chennai, India, on a mission to build SAP Competency Center to support both Renault and Nissan’s IS Organizations globally.

Before moving to India, I was working in the IS department at Nissan North America in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, managing various IS projects and programs. Back in Japan, I worked in the Human Resource department at Softbank and supported the department’s spin-off process as a separate corporate entity as a HR shared service company, AtWork Corporation.

For the education, I went to Waseda University in Tokyo for a bachelor’s degree and the University of Maryland College Park, US, for a master’s.


When not working, I enjoy backpacking in both American and European style. The former is to hike into the backcountry and camp for several days, with limited resources whereas the latter is to travel world cities by using various modes of public transportation and cheap accommodation.

I like backpacking, in either style, probably because it forces me to get out of the comfortable zone and provides me valuable lessons on the modern day survival skills.


The voyage has just begun and the final destination still unknown. Hope this blog shares a fraction of inspiration and insight with those setting off on their own journey around the flattening world.


– Shinobu

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  1. Hi Shinobu,
    We are looking for a Japanese translators for Chennai. Around 10 member team is required for a leading IT company.

    Also, we are looking at IT professionals with Japanese Language skills.
    Do let me know.
    Paku Sastry
    Managing Director
    Swasthik Sahits Solutions Private Limited

    1. That’s right, Jean. I saw a great model in Denver, where you can pick and drop it almost every corner of the city. Tokyo has some experimental operations but they have not taken off yet. Oh by the way, I had a great summer day renting a bike on Lake Shore Blvd in Toronto.

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