According to my expat friend working for the US government, Chennai is awarded as the least walkable city in the world. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but sounds believable. Road conditions, traffic rules, temperature and humidity – none of them are pedestrian friendly in Chennai. Walking on a narrow two-way road near my apartment seems walking on the shoulder of an 6-lane Interstate with a full of traffic at 100 mph.

So, what kind of factors determines the ‘walkability’ of a city? Here are my thoughts.

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Kitchen without Borders

During my vacation on a small island in Maldives, I met a true voyager of the world.

The island resort had one main kitchen serving breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet at the main restaurant with a capacity of two hundred or so. There were three a-la-carte restaurants, for which also the main kitchen did all the food preparation. A few dozens of chefs worked in the kitchen day and night for 365 days a year. The entire operation of this kitchen was run by one gentleman at his fifties, short-haired with chic designer glasses. He was the voyager.

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