Traveling with Accidents

Travel brings you accidents – both positive and negative. An accident could be a bad weather (negative), meeting with interesting people (positive), or an unplanned change of the itinerary (depends).

As a follower of ‘Vagabonding‘, I like to keep my itinerary flexible so that I can accept and enjoy an unplanned event. I’m travelling to experience new things. I’m not travelling to confirm the pictures on the guidebook.

So, this is how my vacation trip to a small island in Maldives went…

Blue Sky and Blue Ocean

All the pictures on the guidebook of Maldives shows a heavenly blue sky and sea. No guidebooks has a picture of Maldives during the rainy season. I knew it was off season, so having overcast and rain was not an accident. The water was nevertheless beautifully green and the air was nicely cool.

Then one night a thunderstorm came. In the heavy storm, a water villa on the beach was like a small ship on the ocean. Wind, rain and wave hit the large window with a spectacular 180-degree view of the Indian Ocean – now pitch black except occasional flashes by lightnings. In the dark, I felt the storm gets closer. Then, a bang! A flash of light and a deafening clap filled the whole space simultaneously.

Hotel staffs were busy next day fixing the phone lines and the network of the island. Some electronic equipments like TVs and computers were damaged, too. No one on the island had experienced this bad thunderstorm ever. How lucky we were.

Meeting German Honeymooners

The resort had five bars – three tiki bars, one restaurant bar, and the main bar. Because it opens till the latest, I became a regular of the main bar.

There I met two German honeymooners. A young German guy named Andrew offered me two bottles of Tiger from a case he carried around on the bar counter. He won two cases of beer from the hermit crab race, which was the main attraction of the night. Another German guy, Willy, was with him and we had a good conversation – about our countries, travels, work, and sand some songs, too. We were there for an hour or so. Then suddenly, they remembered something – ‘oh, we came here at the counter to oder drinks for our wives…’

When I met Andrew the next day at lunch, he said he was alright and still married.

Returning Home

Six days on the remote island (with some rain and hangover) was very refreshing. There were three flights on the way back home. A short and exciting ride on the seaplane from the island to Male, the capital of Maldives. Another short flight from Male to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Then one more short flight from Colombo to Chennai. It’s an easy half-day travel from a paradise to the reality, but I still had a smile on my face during my second flight to Colombo. It was around 5 p.m. I can be back home before 10 p.m. and go to work tomorrow without any vacation fatigue.

The third flight seemed delayed as I didn’t find my flight number on the screen in the transit lobby. To check the status, I went to the airline counter, where a lady told me something funny – ‘your connecting flight was rescheduled to tomorrow morning. You will stay in Colombo tonight.’


Today’s Lesson

Do not schedule any important meeting in the morning after vacation. Otherwise, you may have to spend hours in the lobby of the transit hotel, writing emails with a small screen of your smartphone.

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