Hallelujah, It’s A Rainy Day

It’s raining tonight. Recently, it rains almost every day in Chennai. It’s too early for the Monsoon, but the rain season certainly is approaching. The road gets muddy and messy. The traffic gets congested and my commute time doubles. I start thinking – c’mon, it’s a rainy day again!

Playing in the Rain

I don’t remember when I started not liking the rain. When I was a child, I liked the rain. Blue rain boots, a navy rain coat, and a yellow umbrella. A walk back from the school on the rainy day was something special. It was amusing to step into a puddle and make waves. It was fun to collect rain water into the umbrella. And of course my mother was not happy when I came home all wet.

As I grew up, however, getting wet in the rain has become unpleasant feeling. Maybe because I don’t have that blue rain boots but shiny leather shoes. Maybe because I don’t have time to play in the rain for hours on my way back from the office. Whatever the reason, the rainy day is not something to celebrate anymore.

Joining the Celebration

When I go for back county camping, I make every effort to avoid rain. But there are little effort I can make. It rains when it rains. I cannot control the weather. I had many miserable hikes in the rain, which otherwise could have been a memorable scenic hike.

The desert region of southwestern United States, where the famous Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and other once-in-the-lifetime National Parks are located, is very dry as you can imagine. The rainfall is very rare so you can go backcountry without carrying heavy rain gears like a tent with a rainfly and a rain jacket. When I went for a road & camp trip there for two weeks, however, it rained almost everyday. Oh, c’mon, it’s a rainy day again!

Then, I found a brochure at an Information Center, reading ‘the rain in the desert is a celebration for the life; please join the celebration.’ I was an ‘aha’ moment.

Chennai Rain Storm 1k

Since then, my attitude towards rain has changed – changed back to the one in my childhood. What’s the matter when I get wet. It will dry up eventually. I will not die because of the rain (unless I’m in a serious backcountry trip.)

I got a heavy rain at the last 1k on the Besant Nagar Half-Marathon that I ran last month. It was an early morning run and the weather was nice at the start line. The temperature was cool – the adjective rarely used in Chennai – and the first 20k was very enjoyable. But suddenly the cool breeze from the Bengal Bay became a strong wind with heavy raindrops, then a downpour at the finish line.

Did the rain matter? No. It was still enjoyable. The rain cooled me down and washed my sweat away. Anyway, I needed a shower after the run.

Today’s Quote

“There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment” – I will gear up and fly to Goa in the middle of the Monsoon season for running tomorrow. Let’s celebrate, it’ll be a rainy day.

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