India at Your Own Risk

Indians take too much risk – answered my US-lived Indian friend when I was asking his opinion about a train accident, which killed a dozen people travelling on top of the roof of the train at high speed. Risks are everywhere in India. An entire family riding on one motorcycle without a helmet on a busy highway. A young man jumping on the moving bus that is already full of passengers not only inside but also outside. A lady with a traditional saree and a pair of sandals working at a construction site without any safety equipments on. In any case, only a small dose of misfortune can easily trigger a fatal accident.

Are Indian pro-risk, thrill-thursty, adventure-minded people in nature? Probably not. Rather, this risk taking behavior in India can be explained from different angles.

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Hohoho, Santa Claus Is Coming to Town – Which Town?

Two days ago in Chennai, on my way back home from the office, I saw Santa Claus. He was riding on the back seat of the motorcycle, facing backwards with a bunch of balloon and waving to people on the street. I was shocked as I never expected to see Santa in Chennai, where seems to have little room for Christmas Spirit under the strong Hinduism.

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Siesta at Work in Japan? Yes!

You are in the meeting with a group of Japanese business professionals. As it is an important meeting, they brought their bosses and even their big bosses. While you are passionately presenting your proposal, one of the senior members starts to cross their arms, close their eyes, and face down (or up) a little bit. He seems to be deep in the thoughts, pondering every message you convey. Or he may be meditating himself before making a big decision. Then, you will hear a small but unmistakable sound – zzzzz.

Falling asleep in the meeting is not uncommon in Japan. How come?

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