‘The Ultimate Investment’ by H. Bradley Stucki

The Ultimate InvestmentA good motivational book for a two-hour easy read.

Like other good management books, such as ‘One Minute Manager,’ this book is written as a fictional story with a hint of mystery. The story goes as a middle aged salesman, SSS, starts questioning the purpose of his life and initiates the pursuit to find the answer with the help of a mysterious millionaire. You as the reader go through the same struggle with SSS and, by the time you finish the book, you will be enlightened with the great concept of the Ultimate Investment.

[Spoiler Warning…]

Main Theme:

To give you the answer, the Ultimate Investment is time. Although the author tries to confuse you by inferring monetary investments, you’ll find this out probably before the end of the book. The book tells you that you have to invest your time to whatever you love. You should not waste this precious resource to something you don’t love.

In his famous book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ Robert T. Kiyosaki shows you that there are two types of money spent: expense and investment. While the money spent as an expense will be gone once spent, the money spent as an investment will not go away but generate a revenue in the future. The secret of success is to have more investment and less expense.

The same theory can be applied to time. Time can be expensed or invested. The secret: more investment, less expense.


Uniqueness of the Ultimate Investment is its irreversible nature. Everyone gets the same amount of the share every day. Whatever you invest (or waste) it, you won’t have them by the end of the day. You cannot by it back.


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Although the concept is not new, the book is well written with an interesting story. Considering the length of the book, this is a good investment. This maybe not be the ‘Ultimate’ investment but worth investing your time.

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